How to measure your ring size

Before buying a ring, you need to accurately measure your ring size. Sometimes, you need to know your size before going to your jeweler, also if you are buying it as a gift; you may want to make it a surprise. Before proceeding with the measuring steps, here are some tips:

  • Measure your finger at the end of the day
  • Measure your finger when it’s not cold nor hot to get accurate results
  • Measure the finger which you are going to wear the ring on
  • Add 1-2 mm on the measurement result.
  • If you are confused between two sizes, choose the large one.


  • Get a piece of paper and wrap it around your finger
  • Mark the point where the two edges of the paper meet
  • Measure the paper from the beginning until the marked point.

After getting the exact ring size in mm or cm you can check Ring Size Conversion Chart to get your size in US, Uk, Japan and many more.

Another measuring method is by using the printable ring sizer. In order to use this method, you need to have a ring, so if you are buying her a gift, you need to politely steal a ring from your her closet or do whatever it takes to have her well fit ring. You can ask one of her friends to do the job for you or you can do it by yourself. After getting the ring, you need to download the tool and then place the ring on the circle where it will fit. After finding the right circle, you will find a number below or inside the circle it starts from 3 till 13 this is simply the US ring size. You can still use the above method to convert the size to any other measurement. You will also find a tutorial on measuring Pandora ring size, as we all know, Pandora could be one of a kind gift that everyone should consider. Always consider engraving some quotes on a ring, it’s a good thing to have a memorable quote engraved on the ring especially if it’s a wedding ring, you can find some ideas online. Don’t forget to put back the ring that you stole, it’s a shame to ruin the surprise after all this work.